Poly operating analysis how to avoid listing sequelae has become a top priority

that jumei.com has created a new form of online shopping, which is a unique marketing pattern of cosmetics, then jumei.com fame, obtain financing, profitability continues to improve, the scenery of the treatment is rare, but for a newly operating platform, indeed had to admit that it’s operation ability, plus on the characteristics of the business model, is to let the talent shows itself from many of the electricity supplier. But for this period of time, jumei.com still has many problems, and deep fake supremacy is to let jumei.com development in the end is what makes jumei.com one disaster after another, more difficulties for the development of ? regardless of the analysis, we should firstly analyze the development mode of jumei.com’s own first, although worthy of praise, and this pattern of development of lease equipment, because of its great flexibility, more conducive to the control of capital, but also brought the problems of the management of staff training, due to long period led jumei.com to give up on the part of the regulation, and the consequences of this is the quality of jumei.com products in sharp decline, so jumei.com’s development is very unfavorable, once the product quality decline, its reputation in the market also fell, this is undoubtedly a blow to the company itself. followed by jumei.com in the quality control of cosmetics purchase on the strict degree is also declining, and I have seen in some city, the quality of many jumei.com showcase not only simple but its products really make people feel doubt, while[…]

Who hindered the college students’ online entrepreneurship

college students online entrepreneurship is nothing new, but today’s network of entrepreneurial thinking but a little bit by some unreasonable policy obliterated. As a grassroots webmaster, why do you want to talk about this topic today? The reason is very simple. Too many unreasonable policies come into being at this moment. a few days ago and a graduate from college students to talk about the topic of business network, talking about in see is discontent, his network in the entrepreneurial process, encountered resistance has made him tired, even want to give up their entrepreneurial ideas, but also not easy to find. However, we mention a few of the most words in question is " the Ministry of " in fact, these three words have far surpassed it in our eyes should have some colors, now we will always put him and some unreasonable policy Lenovo together. in fact, a series of policies introduced by the Ministry of industry have seriously hampered the development of China’s Internet business. In fact, we all understand this truth, the Ministry of Industry issued a series of policies to stop illegal websites, information appears in the eyes of Internet users, this is commendable. but now illegal websites is not the mainstream, the proportion of the total number of sites is very small, and the policy of the Ministry but because of this reason, resulting in a large number of legitimate websites that have blocked the development of a bit too far, the results of. on the other hand the source[…]

New site, detailed 5 steps, do not understand the technology, the site is still flourishing

with the rapid popularization of the Internet, China’s websites have sprung up, and the ranks of grassroots have been increasing rapidly. Do stand, but the threshold of technology is getting lower and lower, and now the situation is, easy to build, but it is difficult to do a good job. How can we highlight ourselves and make ourselves successful in the site of this sea? In fact, as long as we are practical, it is not difficult. But the website program is not up to us to develop the domestic and foreign, there are many open source and free program available to us, we do stand in the early, there is no need to program changes and development two. one, preliminary preparation, although technology is not the threshold, but we still need to know some basic knowledge. Such as any use of FTP upload files, how to bind and resolve domain names, database connections, HTML and CSS basics, and so on. These are also easy, serious to learn, very quick to get started. For those who love the Internet, we will naturally learn and contact them. But in order to be more competitive, we must lay the foundation firmly. Since we have entered the Internet market, we must also understand the market, this is also necessary. 1) familiar with the basic knowledge of domain name, space, programming language, architecture, etc.. 2) familiar with HTML, CSS, etc., as long as we can see the code, you can do basic modifications on it. 3) understand the basic[…]

Web path absolute success or failure (2)

– how to set the web path? first, let’s divide the paths of web pages into 3 categories: 1, domain name path, for example: www.flash.cn for domain name path 2, directory path, for example: www. flash.cn/GAME/ path "GMAE/" for directory path 3, page path, for example: www. flash.cn/GAME/123.HTM path ‘123.HTM’ is the page path 1. Domain name path selection a web site, in deciding the content, also has to decide which domain name to choose to better relate to the content of the site. For example: do FLASH class site, domain name is best to use with "FLASH" the word domain name. in GOOGLE Search Search "FLASH" www.google.cn/search? Q=flash& ie=utf-8& oe=utf-8& aq=t& rls=org.mozilla:zh-CN:official& the word client=firefox-a, but part of the search results page address in FLASH with words. It’s even more proof that choosing a web path can be related to the content of your web site. two, directory path selection choosing a content related word for the path will help the search engine better determine the content of the web pages under your path, and also have relevance. Suppose we chose "GMAE /" as the directory path, then the contents of the web page related to GAME should be placed below the directory. At the same time, when you do keywords optimization, you can choose "game" or "flash game" and other words as your page keywords. In conjunction with the web path keywords, in search will be more obvious ranking effect. someone would ask, "we have only the word" GAME "in our directory path,[…]

Qingming Festival has passed online worship sites, how to continue to retain users

Qingming Festival online worship platform high-profile debut, this year’s Qingming Festival added some content, virtual online worship way launched by netizens attention. Convenient, safety, environmental protection, conservation, permanent online worship gradually for the cognitive characteristics and accepted by people, many people work abroad, because of busy and other reasons, unable to return home to the deceased in the Qingming Festival, always feel sorry, now have online worship, let a lot of wandering can express a little filial piety. in the A5 Forum on "online wrshipping website comment and discussion posts, the webmaster or more optimistic for this mode, the real life worship moved to the Internet, more convenient, also retained the traditional worship customs Chinese. At the same time, it also questioned the timeliness of such websites, after the Ching Ming Festival, online worship platform how to continue to retain users? 1 aging problem some people say that Qingming Festival only once a year, online worship platform timeliness is too strong, weekdays may be no traffic. This year’s Tomb Sweeping Day eve, online worship platform was high-profile exposure, the media have reported that many users curious, many people visit the site to see what exactly. Many online worship sites, Qingming site flow of thousands or even tens of thousands of IP, but after the Ching Ming Festival, may not have so much traffic. How do you keep traffic on the site? although there is only one tomb sweeping season every year, there are people who stay away from relatives every day. According to incomplete statistics,[…]

Secret Amazon reaction speed ultra fast drop-down menu

  if you ever felt that the Amazon company didn’t work hard on the user experience, this article might change your mind. The top left corner of the Amazon home page has a drop-down menu for merchandise category browsing. When the mouse slips from the menu, the submenu displays very fast. We can take a look at:   this display speed is basically synchronized with the mouse movement, but most of the site drop-down menu displays sub menu, there will be some delay, such as:   this delayed response is necessary because if not, the submenu disappears when you want to move the mouse from a main menu option to a submenu option. It’s like this:   , but the Amazon drop-down menu does not have this delay, and the submenu does not disappear when it is not possible. How does it do this? The answer is to detect the direction and trajectory of the mouse movement.   imagines a triangle between the top left corner of the mouse and the left upper corner of the submenu. If the mouse moves within this triangle range, the user is likely to move the mouse from the main menu to the submenu, so don’t update the submenu immediately. However, if the mouse moves beyond this triangle, the submenu can be updated immediately. This is the algorithm behind the Amazon home quick response drop-down menu. God in the details (God, is, in, the, details). Reveal a front detail, we see not only a subtle algorithm, but a technology[…]

Summer Webmaster site direction and procedures recommended

summer is coming, many children will have the first site in life during this period, this paper will recommend the current domestic popular website program, although only a primer, but hope for the upcoming website to help a friend.   one, build information station information station is the first choice for most personal webmaster, and the information station of CMS procedures, domestic basic dedecms mostly, with webmaster nature of the site is in the majority, typical users for Admin5 and jz123. And network media is inclined to use CMSTOP, typical user has Techweb, stationmaster’s home. In addition, there are mobile easy system, many stations I have to use SiteFactory site, but because of the difficulty of starting, involving programming, solid is not recommended. suggests: requires two things to do an information station: one is social and one is editing. Social networking refers to cooperation with various online media and bloggers, while editors are the ability to edit articles. It is difficult to do something for more than one year, especially in SEO, it is difficult to get better search flow in the early stage of information station. two, build forum , Discuz, and PHPwind are the most common forum programs in the country, and there are so many typical users that even the Baidu webmaster forum is using Discuz, which is not explained here. And ASP and.Net, as well as BBSMAX, DVbbs, webmaster Home Forum on the use of BBSMAX. suggests: Forum’s early operation is very difficult, especially personal forums, for the forum, the promotion[…]

Personal webmaster network creative a center and two basic points

through the mass of information in Sina, Sohu website, search Google, Baidu to the infinite, to the diversification of Shanda, Tencent qq. Technology seems to have been king, why so far? Network creativity value geometry? , let’s talk about these two issues: 1. Technology resource is king 1, the network needs barriers, and technology just meets the requirements of there is no doubt that with the increasing proliferation of Copy, VC are more concerned about barriers, therefore, with the technical core of the network company is more likely to become a preference of venture capitalists. And capital in the Internet industry is also a pivotal position in the achievement of a number of technology-based enterprises. Such as Google, Baidu. 2, born better, as early as birth, technical resources is king to Sina, Sohu as the representative of the first generation of websites, so far has a difficult position to shake. I think there are three reasons: 1, early, most people still do not understand what is the Internet, has begun to understand the Sina 2, rich in resources, the web site has a natural capital, easier to dig the outstanding technical talent, at the same time the first ring, natural star resources such as Sina, a hundred responses to a single call. Exaggerated analogy is like the central station and the local station, where advertising effect is good as can be imagined 3, capital adequacy, the rapid formation of monopoly. two, creative world Although the portal is still arrogant, but with the further development of[…]

What are the points you must pay attention to when choosing a domain name

choose a domain name has a lot of attention to: the domain name is registered, if there have been records, different domain registrar and the next station we have a great impact, I talk a little bit of my domain name selection experience. website now needs for the record, no record may put your site off, select the domain name you should first look at whether the domain name has been filing records, you can go to the Ministry of information industry to check there is no record of record, if you re filing records will be very troublesome. also check your choice of domain name is not registered, are registered, you need to check whether it is Baidu K, if the K domain name you used to do station and included is more difficult, the weight is difficult to go up, so it is best not to use the domain name. if you do English website that you have to choose the COM domain name, do Chinese station for I think CN and com are the same, which does not exist in the quality of search engine included CN, domain name or some of the benefits. domestic domain registrar general is the new network, 10 thousand nets, agents and their reciprocal Chinese, their analytical platform is slightly different, the general space we all just need to add a A record is good, if you choose the space is double space, it is best to resolve to the alias main engine, it can achieve the[…]

One of the principles of product design streamline your product

this month, I was surprised that I was pulled over by three clients or friends and asked me to help them design their products. These products, without exception, are large and full of life portal. They requested the production of functions covering real estate, hotels, travel, entertainment, catering, shops, dating, micro-blog, cars, used cars…… As long as it relates to any field of life. With the customer’s words: "as long as the life related I do, and my goal is: let people use my website, without leaving home, you can live.". Let my website have what functions, so that people can not do without me. And my friends and customers are not big millions of CEOs, or big groups. They have just graduated college students, there is a slight profit in the traditional business owners, but the overall characteristics are: limited funds. I tried to convince them to find some common principles for product design for start-ups. as an entrepreneur, especially a small entrepreneur with limited financial strength. Often confused about the design of their products, there was a good idea, around the idea to think of a product. But I think, look at the site, feel the good function, the function is good, so slowly have a desire to put all others, good function, column, I have to move over, finally the products grew more and more large, beyond the scope of control, and created a any characteristics of grotesque. Not only have buried the original good idea, but also suffered the huge losses[…]

Webmaster sharing let users trust the website should do so (a)

online shopping is a great advantage of convenience, cheap, no home, you can buy the products you need. But any one thing, there are advantages and disadvantages, precisely because of this shortcut and convenience, resulting in some users cheated, users will also have some psychological barriers to purchase. But after all, a just a few, we can not Overgeneralization, users will not give up. A healthy Internet shopping environment, we need to work together to build. online shopping can not face to face communication, users can not see the product in kind, but also can not see the product sold, this requires our website to build a sense of trust. Whether new or old station, give the user enough trust is the first step in network marketing. Today, from several aspects to share, do a web site that users need to pay attention to. These are only personal opinions. Welcome to correct them. , the first professional website: as the saying goes "the tailor makes the man", one can let users trust the site must first do a professional, very important to the user’s first impression, the professional does not require you to make a portal, but to find suitable in color collocation section, not far fetched, no typos, error free links, pictures show normal, the best color in the color system, too many colors give users the feeling of clutter; the content of the best don’t read like prose collection, like. Another point is very important, if the content is not so much, do[…]

A5 security team, Jack server security lecture, full record

Hello, I’m the A5 security group jack, and today I’ll talk to you about the issues related to WEB server security. In fact, , security settings on the server and website, although I have some experience, but there is no study, so I do today when the lecture was not steadfast, always afraid of being wrong will miss the others, have the wrong place please point out today, as each other the discussion. Maybe you have safety or damage at my master master said laugh or chuckle, but I think my experience after all, there is still a lot of the right place, there are thousands on thousands of than I know fewer people still need someone to provide the experience and information. Ha ha, now almost part of the webmaster has its own server, and some also use a virtual host or shared server. For consideration in the server security may now in some webmasters use virtual host and flat-share is relatively small, because IDC had excellent technical support, as long as their use of the site program is relatively more, pay more attention to the official release of the news program and vulnerability patch prompt, timely updates on the most the new patches have 80% security, the official patch is released for free to our things, even if the program patches are unable to play, then this website was hacked the possibility of almost more than 80%, so that the program must make timely patch. The second is the virtual host management account[…]

Honesty thinking of primitive man’s online money roll

news July 2nd, after many confirmed Jiangsu Taizhou original network is empty, Juankuan run away is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. The reporter repeatedly tried to contact the original network general manager Liu Hua, the phone has been turned off, the company’s landline phone no answer is not empty, the original Taizhou network office empty office also has been removed. All client is managed, hire server, seize computer room, pay money to also have no hope of recovery. according to informed sources, the original human network as early as June 20th has transferred all their servers, in June, Jiangsu Telecom on the original human network proceedings, Jiangsu Telecom successfully applied for property preservation in June 22nd. In arrears Jiangsu Telecom more than 400, in arrears Unicom more than 100, and other in arrears decoration fees, all customers will suffer! ! original human network in knowing that the imminent closure, still claims to be about 30 million of the financing and upcoming listing, on the one hand to raise prices, on the other hand to inform customers to expand business volume, in order to defraud more funds to escape. I myself was one of the victims of the incident. It is reported that there is no hope to recover the hosting fees and retrieve the server. IDC industry integrity once again closed down, running on foot has been an unprecedented test. In fact, in the past two years, IDC operators closed down, or the person responsible for escape events have occurred frequently. The integrity of[…]

In a cooperative network environment, you need to cultivate your network resources consciously

Baidu under the "network", that is, interpersonal relations, popularity, social relations. This has always been my weakness, and I’m not good at managing them. Some people say that the Internet is doing, that is, connections, there are good connections resources can make you faster success, and naturally twice the effort. For example, exchange Links, develop their own circle, can make some conscious mutual aid groups, these are all contacts. That graph king in the building A5 forum early, but also by virtue of the "National Internet webmaster" human resources, attracting a lot of friends to support, let A5 forum at the beginning of the establishment have a higher starting point, also is the acceleration of the development of the forum. how to establish a good interpersonal relationship, the accumulation of human resources? Have a colleague in Doug A5, she is responsible for the interview, she often have the opportunity to talk with the Internet leader, finishing their successful experience and do stand experience, she has accumulated contacts more channels; of course, the hope that she is a talkative who she really is. Well, if you don’t have interviews and you don’t have the chance to meet successful people, how do you know more people? links by exchanging web sites and links blog before the dream, a blog for your website to find allies, build the Internet world’s "BRICs’ "", that is, consciously train the allies of the site, and common development. Many websites in exchange of friendship links, on the one hand, hope to increase[…]

How can you break through the website station

you see that some of the most popular web site, 123114, 26555662345, their large flow of amazing, of course income is also expensive, in fact, they look at the station, the same, model of the plate are similar, this is just said low technical threshold, but it is precisely because of this, web site promotion especially difficult, so I said in front of home market. Several Daniel to divide almost, break too hard, but there is really no way, that we can share with them. domestic several well-known Web site can be developed to today, it is the development of the early, and then there is originality in the promotion, there is a station do rely on each other to bring traffic, we can be in a poor two white eggs Qiongguang period how to do ? (1) by piracy system publicity, the system default home page for your site, so once the system installed on his computer, you can gain a IP, but this system needs to master the production of technology, is actually not difficult, the domestic several big station. Done, almost all rely on this method of flow accumulation. Needless to say, I have a friend in a computer store, making pirated system CD, for customer service computer, then I asked him "how much can you computer?" he said "when you can install dozens of system", I will tell him you can build a web site rely on these systems, the home can give you a lot of ip. Later he used[…]

Detailed data collection methods Web logs, JS tags and packet sniffer

A review of the website from the analysis of history, "are you a * * * users visit" to now burgeons professional tool providers, Web Analytics has gradually evolved into a science. But in the face of diverse analytics data, many people are still confused about the sources of data. Understanding the principles of web analytics data may help you with these puzzles. web analytics now has three main ways of collecting data: Web logs, JavaScript tags, and packet sniffer. 1. Web log below is a schematic diagram of the data collection process for the Web logs.   as you can see from the above figure, the collection of site analysis data starts from the web site visitor entering URL and issuing a HTTP request to the web server. The web server receives a request to append a record in your Log file, records include: remote host name (or IP address), login name, login name, request date, requesting time, request details (including the request method, address, protocol, request return) the state, the size of the document request. The web server then returns the page to the visitor’s browser. some professional tool vendors will have special processing servers to process large amounts of Log data and store the processed data into their own databases. Site managers access the analysis report system to view the site’s analysis data. There are also some small and medium-sized site owners because of cost considerations will not turn to professional tool manufacturers, they can use simple Web log analysis software of[…]

How to write a technical article

has the opportunity to express his ideas to others, why not make good use of them? how do you write? Personal feelings are as follows. one, faith actually, it’s not difficult to write an article, but it’s difficult to write a good essay. But if you want to express the content of the article is clear, is not so important, after all, not everyone is a writer and writing exercise is in thoroughly tempered out of it. So, the thought of writing, writing and then change it, regardless of their good and bad writing, do not have the courage to say nothing of your life. two, look, think, chat, write four steps, (1), ancient words: how many familiar with the Tang Dynasty, not write will chant. We don’t have to memorize many books like the ancients, but reading and reading are indispensable. Look at the senior pioneers of the book, see the thoughts of others, to see others, look at other people’s Expo have contrast, wise remark of an experienced person, compared to out of. So, want to write something, Dongdong, first look, a lot of view, we should all agree. (2) thought. Thought is the basis for the formation of wisdom, thinking is also thinking, to look at things in the mind once again, after washing their own ideas, and finally come to their own ideas, the wisdom of the light. Learn from each other’s weakness and form your own ideology in the process. It’s a digestive process. (3) chat. Talk about the popularity[…]

Chinese websites need to start with details

Chinese Internet site, in the bottom of the home page will find the website recruitment links in a limited home page, inch to an inch of gold, each site will stay in space, enough to explain the current site demand for talents, of course, this may be mainly because of the objective requirements of the Internet industry. once YAHOO, now Google; is the Internet industry reshuffle speed is a deep embodiment. In fact, a closer look, perhaps we will think that Google can have today, in addition to technical factors, but more importantly, has been the pursuit of innovative ideas, so that Google is now a big Mac network kingdom. Google in addition to a set of innovative ideas, I think it is more important for innovative talents attention, because all the people, human autonomy, human creativity, every advantage has been great to play. look at Google and YAHOO’s first victory or defeat, factors investigated in position to field, a technician must have originality, but also need some imagination. Perhaps the key to making a program is for technical people, but I think the same thing, it’s important to be creative. so I look at the recruitment of Internet in China, and I think it is necessary to pay enough attention to this aspect. Of course, for the technician, to learn a lot of lessons, but also all day to write program code, can really have time to think about the people who are less and less, obliterates their unique innovation, of course, programmers necessary[…]

Discussion on the localization of grassroots websites

we sort out from the website, at present the website can be divided into entertainment, business, portal, information. The entertainment website in addition to several big video station, picture stand, music station, the novel station, it can be said that the current domestic 80% people are doing the so-called "trash" such as garbage station, waste film station. Garbage information station, so called garbage station, because of low technical content, are repeated cloning of other people’s things, the role of the user is not great. Garbage station is relatively easy to do, find a CMS system, change the template, and then set the collection, a station, even if done. Then there is the development of traffic, placement of advertising, began to make money trip. if you are currently very short of money, you want to make a quick profit from your website and earn a living fee. What can you do as a garbage dump?. If you don’t have the money, I suggest you don’t do it. Why? Let’s talk about the location of the website. First of all, you should make clear where your strengths are and what useful value you can give the user. You can never make a lot of money if you want to make money at the very beginning. For example, we know that HAO123 is BAIDU5000 million acquisition, Li Xingping had created this web site navigation is the purpose of what is for the convenience of users? Can you want to find the website address, at the time of the[…]

Link skills 123

      as a webmaster, understanding of the Links are generally stay in search engines and increase the PR value of the understanding, and especially the new owners, a lot of the time that Links will directly bring high flow, but in the webmaster nets read a few articles such as < < station by Links rookie site traffic increased steadily > > like the article is more convinced. Of course Links will bring traffic to some type of station. But not where to go.  :  . Of course, the link is good. This is known to everyone. But sometimes you may not be able to do good friend links. The following focuses on two examples.     1 new station     here compared with no old station with a new station, you should go to the Admin5 chianz link forum postings do Links and see if there is no can do Links, my opinion is that new words can be done, a webmaster friends this is what I do. He is a QQ station (he asked not to say the name of the station here is not to say), even Zhang Youyu’s photos do a few key words that I and his friends. Based on the link, you also say Baidu soon included his QQ station, after a period of time after a number of his chain more than 30, what is not limited. The scope of the QQ class, then Google PR value update. His website PR is up to 2,9[…]