Six Lake Race highlights the highlight of the electric car race 2015

"the most beautiful flowers", "the most beautiful grassland", "the most beautiful lake", "the most beautiful song", "the highest elevation of electric vehicle challenge", "the largest lithium industry chain show"…… Will be held from June 15th to 18, the second session of the Qinghai Lake (International) electric car challenge, will highlight these six highlights, to create a new business card Qinghai industry. It is reported that

Provincial Federation of literature and art to promote brand building project

Reporter held from March 23rd, the seven session of the five provincial Federation plenary meeting was informed that in 2016, the Provincial Federation will be closely linked to the national "The Belt and Road" strategy, organize and mobilize the majority of the province’s life, literary and art workers deeply rooted people, steadily promote the brand to create art works, to create fine art in Qinghai. The Chinese version of "Gesar" publishing and "Qinghai Ping Xian", "Huangnan opera drama" brand in the column. it is understood that the Provincial Federation to create art boutique focused on art, calligraphy, photography, music, poetry and drama, traditional villages set up stalls survey and minority literature creation and other fields. Among them, the preparations for the convening of 2016 Chinese Qinghai Huangnan · Ching international poet tent Roundtable; will complete the "Dayton’s prophecy" Vyakarana "hero" and "horse race" King born three "Gesar" of the Chinese version of the publication; according to the State Council "on a number of policy support" opera development, support local opera the development of Qinghai to build string troupes, Huangnan, Tibetan drama brand. Also in the volunteer day for the node, to carry out cultural sympathy, folk songs, counseling and creation; carry out a hundred pieces of old and disabled people portrait into the hundreds of series of activities; the teen drama stage of comprehensive practical activities and green Zhejiang folk songs and musicians "Qinghai art house into the village name" sketch exhibition, creative launched more people, reflect the spirit of the times, carry forward the[…]

Public memo the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in June Linke additional multi trip

In June 2nd, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that, in order to meet the two provinces growing tourist demand, the Qinghai Tibet railway company plans in June many additional trip EMU and direct passenger train, passenger travel convenience. specific additional trips: June 1st to 30, in Xining and Menyuan more D8901/2 daily, D8907/8 times EMU passenger train, June 5th, 6 days, 7 days, 12 days, 13 days, 14 days, 19 days, 20 days, 21 days, 26 days, 27 days, 28 days (is every Friday, Saturday, Sunday) additional D8905/6 times EMU passenger train in Xining and Menyuan between.

Total investment of 7 billion 500 million new energy projects put into operation

January 20th, as one of the province’s strategic emerging industries, with a total investment of 7 billion 500 million yuan Qinghai new energy power and energy storage battery project officially put into operation. The project put into operation in the development of solar photovoltaic, wind power industry in our province, provides a reliable energy storage medium, to achieve the province from the province of lithium resources to the new energy industry, high-tech province. it is understood that our province lithium reserves ranks first in the country, Saline Lake lithium resources of the world total 1/3, its resource reserves is not only big, but high quality, is an ideal place for investment in the lithium industry, at the same time, Qinghai is also abundant sunshine, with much land and few people, the development of photovoltaic industry. In recent years, the ideas of industrial development of the provincial government, large group led large project support, cluster development, the park hosts the lead, a large number of excellent photovoltaic enterprises and storage enterprises have settled in Qinghai. August 2012, Qinghai times new energy group in Nanchuan Industrial Park started construction of power lithium battery, lithium battery energy storage and other high-tech product development, manufacturing and sales base. The total investment of 7 billion 500 million yuan, planning and construction in three phases to complete, after the completion of the entire project, with an annual output of 5GWh battery, and realize the integration of battery, motor and electric, battery management system and large power bidirectional converter, so as to[…]

Xining police to strengthen public security reform to promote people’s livelihood police service cap

Xining City Public Security Bureau police for the people’s livelihood as an important content of the public security reform work, to actively respond to the people’s needs and hope as the starting point, to protect the safety and service of people’s livelihood combined with continuous improvement methods, efforts to improve the ability to serve the people of the city’s public security organs. Xining municipal public security bureau Party committee, the city’s public security organs to push forward the reform of household registration system, improve the online service platform, service management, and vigorously promote the innovation of intelligent transportation construction and other aspects, and actively implement the "one network", "network" service mode, to provide service for the masses inquiry; strengthen and improving the window service work, delegated approval authority, simplifying approval procedures, clear approval time, improve processing efficiency, focus on the introduction of a number of new measures to benefit, take concrete actions to win the trust, improve public satisfaction. (author: Chen Ning)  

15 bus lines stationed in the railway station 25

In December 19th, reporters from the city traffic bureau, Xining Railway Station is located on the west side of the bus station, will be officially put into use in December 25th. For the convenience of passengers, zero transfer target, then, there will be 15 bus lines in 71 passenger lines moved to the bus station, East and west to the passenger train line running in the urban area of Xining will be adjusted, the original train station 5 bus line will be outage, line will change to the lake district. It is understood that the bus station will be divided into 7 platforms. Among them, 1, No. 2 platform for long-distance passenger bus ride platform. 3 platform for the Deputy platform, bus lines include: 31, road 16, Road 104, road 107. Platform 4 to 7 main development platform, platform 4 bus routes: 20 road, 28 Road, 7 Road, 27 road; platform 5 bus line: 9 Road, 5 road, 103 road; platform 6 bus line: 3 Road, 11 road; platform 7 bus lines are: 1 road, 40 road. 15 bus lines on the morning of December 25th stationed in the early morning of 25, buses, coaches, taxis will be stationed in advance. The bus station officially put into use, there will be 15 bus lines in bus station, respectively 1, 3 Road, 5 road, 7 Road, 9 Road, 11 road, 16 Road, 20 road, 27 Road, 28 Road, 31 Road, 40 Road, 103 Road, 104 Road, 107 road. Car about 400 units. The bus route are:[…]

20 new farmers market in our province

Reduce market circulation, reduce consumer costs, increase sales of vegetables, and strive to make the public table become more and more rich, this year our province will be comprehensive planning network layout of agricultural and livestock products, agricultural products wholesale market of new or modified 1-2; new or modified farmers market, standardized markets 20; new construction and renovation of city complex and large more than 5 medium-sized supermarkets; new or renovation of community food stores more than 50.

Do the people most recognized popular project

to do the house insulation, remediation surrounding environment, we are particularly pleased." These two days, Pang Honglian living in the park is a comprehensive renovation of shanty towns, which makes people living here excited. Because this year was included in the shantytowns and happy, as well as the original three residents built three rivers district. See shantytowns project received extensive support from the masses, mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that the housing is sincere words and earnest wishes, people’s basic needs and basic requirements, shantytowns and low-income housing construction is a major project to improve people’s livelihood. The support of the masses and recognition is more encouraging is the power, we must strict quality, grasp every detail, truly government transformation of a group, a group of people recognized, a number of people are satisfied, so that more people from worry to live, to live. August 29th morning, mayor Wang Yubo and vice mayor Wang Ping and the development and reform, finance, land, planning, construction and other departments into the macro park area, the tiger Taiwan area, the original three building Sanhe District, Xining Railway Station reconstruction and related engineering project relocation area, supervision shantytowns and low-income housing construction project. Wang Yubo stressed that shantytowns and affordable housing construction is not only an important measure to improve people’s livelihood, but also an important measure to expand domestic demand, the central and provincial attaches great importance to. Xining Province as the focus of transformation and construction of the region, which is both caring and demanding, but also[…]

Datong County held a grand meeting of the twenty-eighth teachers’ Day

  conference site 9 9, the county’s recognition of the general assembly of the teachers’ day in the Grand Auditorium of the 96361 troops held in twenty-eighth. Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, deputy secretary of the county, county magistrate Han Shengcai, county people’s Congress Chairman, chairman of the county CPPCC Chairman and other leaders attended the meeting and presented to the president of the people’s Republic of China, Mr. Wang Jinfa, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Song Weilin. Deputy Secretary of the county committee, county Han Shengcai on behalf of the county Party committee and government made an important speech, deputy magistrate Li Tianlu presided over the general assembly. the meeting commended "the excellent teacher" the outstanding educators "top ten teachers at the same time, the meeting also commended the 2012 college entrance examination achievement outstanding unit primary school, senior high school entrance examination. will, on behalf of Datong advanced collective six principal of Comrade Tao Tianshu and representatives of outstanding teachers and teachers in high Linda comrades speak Datong seven. During the meeting, the county leaders visited the front-line teachers cordial and discussed with them. The meeting affirmed the county education work outstanding achievements, hope the township departments, especially education departments and schools to the recognition as an opportunity to further implement the "national long-term education development plan", the provincial education work conference spirit and the "Datong County Education Development Plan", further emancipate the mind, with an objective understanding of achievements, to treat the problem correctly, strengthen school management, enhance the educational[…]

Central 18 village roads will harden

Reporters from the City District of Xining City, the relevant departments, the city district will invest 81 million 420 thousand yuan renovation of water road, South to the implementation of unitary hill red village, Lu Jia village, Xin’an village to Wang Zhuang village Zhiyuan Baoziwan village road project, at the same time, the total hardening Zhen, Nanchuan Road, Nanchuan Road offices 18 villages of the village road. And for the 18 Village Road Pavement Pavement Tiles, rain and sewage drainage network, install street lights, solve the difficult problem of mass travel around. (author: Wu Yachun)

Our province in 2016 college graduates employment service month ended successfully

reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, recently, a month in 2016 the province’s college graduates employment service month, the curtain fell. The province’s public employment and personnel service institutions at all levels of college graduates registered 3232, organized a special job fair 48 (Times), the release of employment information, signed a preliminary agreement on employment intentions of the 1132 copies of the 6051. Provide assistance to 1428 aid workers, of which 644 college graduates to achieve employment difficulties. in the employment service month period, the province’s cities (state) around the "real name registration services to help more and more accurate, the employment of college graduates" theme, the focus from carry out real name registration, strengthen employment services, to carry out special employment training, increase efforts to support entrepreneurship, strengthen job training, focus on helping, broaden publicity path seven work with full functions, based on the basic responsibilities, strengthen the service concept, for the employment of college graduates leave school to provide a full range of employment service. A total of 31 field activities carried out special training, training 2106 college graduates to provide employment guidance; 2489 people; to provide employment of college graduates trainee positions 384, 207 people participate in job training; all kinds of brochures (goods) issued 40800 copies, hold the employment of university graduates, typical deeds tour report activities and field observation activities 7. College Graduates Employment Service Month activities after the end of the province at all levels of the public employment service agencies and personnel[…]

Huangyuan county to take four effective measures to vigorously develop forestry seed industry

In recent years, Huangyuan County adhere to the principle of ecological priority, ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits to enhance the synchronization as the goal, to land as an opportunity to strengthen government guidance and support, forestry seedling industry showed a good momentum of development   in recent years, Huangyuan County adhere to the principle of ecological priority, ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits to enhance the synchronization as the goal, to land as an opportunity to strengthen government guidance and support, forestry seedling industry showed a good momentum of development. At present, the county forestry seedling industry area reached more than 4 thousand acres, breeding industry cooperatives 18, more than 1 thousand people to solve the rural surplus labor force, land transfer and employment of local farmers seedlings annually for more than 400 yuan, in 2012 the base stock trading volume has reached 8 million yuan. Huangyuan seedling industry base has become an important seedling supply base in the west of Qinghai. first, according to local conditions, rational planning, scientific planning and innovation of forestry industry development in the thorough investigation and study, opportunities and favorable factors, facing the development of forestry industry in the objective analysis combined with the actual local conditions, scientific planning, organization and implementation of the green industry base and Pingxiang acres of seedlings. Base on the land circulation by a sports seedling household contract management, involving along national highway 109 and along the Pingxiang Mongolia Road, Han Su tea 5 village of 1134 households, the transfer of[…]

I, take measures to reduce the property inventory to promote the steady development of real estate i

As of 2015 November, the province has been built in the pre-sale permit the sale of commercial housing area of 7 million 449 thousand square meters, according to the five years before the average sales of 3 million square meters, the sale of commercial housing to the stock cycle in 2 years. In addition, there are 8 million 38 thousand and 500 square meters in the province under construction, according to the province’s current sale and construction of commercial housing, the province actively take measures to reduce inventory, in order to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market.It is reported that

Jianguo Road community half past four project for parents of grief

The implementation of Zhoujia Quan Jianguo Road community office Chengdong District of Xining city "half past four project", is welcomed by residents. satisfied on the third grade primary school, parents are working, usually very busy. Happy every day at half past four in the afternoon after school, before is the grandmother, but grandma is not good now, not then triumphantly after school, it can be difficult to bad parents triumphantly. "If the child has a special transfer from school in the afternoon." Many parents will be reflected in this issue to the founding of the road community. in view of this situation, the implementation of the "half past four engineering community decision" (i.e., daycare). The community will be sent to the staff of children from school safety community, by the staff to supervise the children to do their homework, but also in the community to participate in a number of useful sports activities, reading interesting extra-curricular books. Parents to pick up children in the community before 18:30. Road Community Manager Gao Zhemei said, after the parents send their children to the community daycare, the community staff will ask parents to fill out a detailed address, school address, contact phone number, and they will be the teachers and parents to sign the agreement, parents can rest assured the safety of the children. If necessary, the community will also set up a small table to solve the problem of children’s eating, the community only charge the basic management fees. at present, community daycare formal classes, with the[…]

Fashion jewelry store to join the project what are the five major brands you choose

investors need to always pay attention to market dynamics, master first-hand investment information, to be able to make the most sensible choice. Jewelry industry is now the fashion jewelry store to join the good project? Let Xiaobian to introduce you. A, I jewelry The

Xining 58 thousand and 900 migrant workers across the province

Xining more and more farmers out of the province to work. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, the first half of the city, inter provincial rural labor services output 58 thousand and 900 people, mainly in Xinjiang, Tibet, the output of Guangdong, Beijing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, mainly engaged in construction, services, tourism and other industries. this year, the city continue to intensify the transfer of rural labor employment efforts, in accordance with the principles of proximity, encourage and support all kinds of labor units to absorb the rural labor force in the region, to help urban and rural workers to divert employment. In the first half of this year, the city’s rural labor transfer employment reached 302 thousand and 400 people, an increase of more than 8 thousand passengers last year, to achieve labor income of $953 million, an increase of $5 million. The interprovincial labor output of 58 thousand and 900 passengers, accounting for 19.48%; the cross flow of 96 thousand and 400 passengers, accounting for 31.88%, mainly to Golmud, Haixi, Haidong, Yushu; employment 147 thousand and 100 people flow area, accounting for 48.64%. from the income situation: first, go out the level of rural labor mobility in the per capita income of 3152 yuan, the provincial migrant workers is 3343 yuan, 3143 yuan in cross flow of personnel, personnel flow area is 3082 yuan. (author: small words)

Xintai tube culture combined with rural entrepreneurship to lead the rich

recently, Shandong province in rural entrepreneurship to get rich on the issue of a big foot, in order to further promote entrepreneurship in rural areas, improve the local training mechanism to help people succeed in business. A, establish a management mechanism. The development of rural entrepreneurship star selection and management advice, clear selection of management practices, improve rural practical talents training, service, evaluation, incentive mechanism. Recently, will be in accordance with the production, management, technical services, social services, skills led five talents standard, from agricultural production line selection in Xintai City Star Village of 30 people, the establishment of rural practical talent pool. two, strengthen personnel training. Regularly carry out new vocational farmers entrepreneurship training, nurturing entrepreneurial talent. In May, 80 rural leaders preferred to attend the Shandong Agricultural University held a provincial new occupation farmer entrepreneurship training, promoted to the village committee members are leaders of rural management and service level, increase a policy, can understand business, good management, will manage the rich leaders. three, strengthen the typical drive. First, the use of news media, networks and other timely propaganda and reporting of outstanding rural practical talents advanced deeds, advocating a typical tree, expand the influence of entrepreneurial talent in rural areas, to promote a number of rural youth. Two is to play the loude Changxin agricultural demonstration garden, stone Laitai Tea Industrial Park, modern agricultural park and Qi agricultural cloud providers electricity supplier industry base, driven by the impact of modern agriculture development of the masses, strengthening rural practical talents. At present, the[…]

Xining city forestry bureau held fire knowledge training courses

For the fire control propaganda and safety management work, popularize knowledge of fire safety, fire accident should improve the cadres and workers to disposal capacity, effectively reduce the occurrence of fire accidents, the city forestry bureau has organized a training course on fire knowledge in February 29th is a good fire awareness training and safety management work, popularize knowledge of fire safety, fire accident should improve the cadres and workers to disposal capacity, effectively reduce the occurrence of fire accidents, the city forestry bureau has organized a training course on fire knowledge in February 29th. Subordinate units responsible person and responsible for production safety work of the comrades were more than 40 people participated in the training. training, Qinghai Zheng an fire knowledge consultation center instructors use a large number of rich case, data and images, respectively, in recent years, the major fire case, fire accidents, high-rise buildings, public buildings and fire prevention unit type escape method, fire "three levels of responsibility and the" four capacity building ", the proper use of fire fighting equipment, fire how to save themselves from several aspects such as shallow depth out of the presentation and demonstration. through this training, to further enhance the people’s awareness of fire safety, fire safety and enhance the skills of prevention, fighting and self rescue ability, to strengthen the overall fire safety work has laid a good foundation.                                                  […]

Qinghai, the first high-end advertising and wedding culture and Arts Festival opened today

Do you want to experience the forefront of the advertising industry? Do you want to visit the most concentrated form of wedding culture? 2013 the first Qinghai advertising and wedding festival in Qinghai Province – the most professional advertising purchase and acquisition Wedding Expo in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition today, will bring new knowledge and experience to you. This is an exhibition, forums, presentations, performances, public welfare activities, such as the content of the "advertising exhibition" and "wedding expo". Both organic combination, mutual support, resource sharing. exhibition by the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Qinghai Provincial Advertising Association and the Western Metropolis Daily, the Xining Municipal People’s government and other co organizer, Xining Convention and Exhibition Industry Association and other contractors. "2013 Qinghai first advertising and wedding festival", I will fully display the grand advertising industry development and cultural exhibition held in Qinghai wedding, will fill the gaps in Qinghai province professional advertising exhibition and Wedding Expo this year, Qinghai province is the first comprehensive cultural exhibition. during the show, you can experience the forefront of the advertising industry in the forefront of high-end LED display. It is understood that the exhibitors from the advertising industry, advertising, advertising equipment, advertising technology in the province is a high-end, then, will be gathered in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center. Needless to say, the development of the advertising industry is relatively backward in Qinghai, such activities can be described as unprecedented, the development of advertising industry in the province should[…]