Taobao online shopping encounter phishing sites exposed financial security is not perfect

in Taobao internet purchase, but suffered phishing sites. Recently, the Shanghai intermediate people’s court in the trial of 2 consumer online shopping account funds theft case, found that safeguards Taobao online shopping security is not perfect, there are security risks. To this end, the Shanghai intermediate people’s Court issued a judicial proposal to Taobao more than 2000 words. fake sellers easily steal buyers account day, Mary home as usual online shopping. When ordering, Mary is the seller Lin told the payment was not successful, click on a link which provides the 390 thousand yuan in bank accounts immediately stolen. The judge noted that Lin easily obtained the victim’s personal information and Taobao transaction records, posing as the owner of Taobao, lured the victim to click on the fake phishing links. and Mary experienced similar small Qin prepared on Taobao to buy 2 brand Hermes bag, the total price of 198 thousand yuan. "The seller" Luo lured small Qin purchase package to the Alipay platform, and through phishing sites to steal a small Qin Taobao, Alipay account and password, the Alipay platform will be paid directly into Luo et al control bank card. lax identity and credit rating of the operator in Mary’s case, if the online transaction information can be kept strictly confidential, criminals will not be able to proceed. The hospital issued a judicial proposal pointed out that Taobao save a lot of consumers’ personal identity information and transaction information, should improve information security levels, establish and improve the information disclosure of early warning[…]

Ma Yun mom said rebound Pipa invasion of e-commerce

This is Ma Ma . To be exact, the Ma Yun is a little Ma Yun from Tsinghua University". little Ma has three entrepreneurial experience, entrepreneurial context simply summarized as: first to help college friends, and then help young people in the community to make friends, find the object; finally, to help them build a platform to share parenting experience. in 2007, he bid farewell to NetEase executives, the mother has not yet set up a big man, said his mother, a mother and child vertical community website. His idea is to share the community bonding mothers, and then use the electronic commerce to the user to develop two times, to explore suitable for their own profit channels. [core tip] mother said the core around 3 S:say, share, shop, the first two refers to the storage, sharing, has been achieved, now do shopping, based on community derived e-commerce. from storage to share the mother infant vertical community mother industry website is mainly divided into four categories, maternal portal, such as Sina W EB1.0 parent; the traditional maternal website, such as the cradle of electronic commerce network; mother Jane catalog sales, such as the red child, you; there are new W EB2.0 community. My mother said, is the last one, different from the sales of other products or the main knowledge website, it even deliberately avoid these two paths, take a rebound pipa, proceed from the vertical community, main mothers Share Demand — in his opinion, the core of WE B 2 is for the user[…]

The seventh session of the conference held in September on the global network of Ten Network

in September this year, Chinese Electronic Commerce Association and Alibaba group in Hangzhou jointly held the theme of "the new network, new civilization" of the seventh network operators of the general assembly. By then, the organizers will selected the "2010 Global Top Ten Network", "the most integrity network" and other awards and a series of ecological partner awards, at the same time, by strengthening exchanges and cooperation between network operators, will provide a close contact with the World Expo opportunities for many business people. for SMEs, want to get tickets to World Expo, is not an easy thing. The threshold of World Expo will be a lot of small and medium enterprises outside the door. So, a lot of enterprises to change the thinking, to seize the business opportunities in World Expo through the network marketing mode. Zhejiang Electric Co. Ltd. Jester has a history of thirty years, beginning in 2004 the company decision-making ideas, using a variety of network marketing through the e-commerce platform of the Alibaba, to understand customer needs. This year, the company as a supplier in World Expo, World Expo 42 bus lines, more than 1 thousand buses to provide batteries. Xu Renjie said that over the past few years, the practice of e-commerce, the company has been developed and expanded, but also proved the unique vision of the decision-makers. World Expo tasted the sweetness of the Internet, not only a Renjie, Shanghai uniso Printing Co. Ltd. World Expo ranked products printing enterprises, general manager He Guanghui said, "I printed large[…]

Wanda, Baidu and Tencent – new faces can seize the electricity supplier market

Wanda is business giants, Baidu and Tencent is also the pioneer of the Internet industry, the three giants combination will give the domestic electricity supplier market impact and Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong? Etc. the current electricity supplier leader can withstand the strong impact of all sorts of questions? The answers are very exciting. After all, for the market economy, competition can directly reflect the market actively, also give consumers the most direct benefits. Wanda, Baidu, Tencent from the official statements, they have to do business with the current electricity supplier is slightly different, as well as the establishment of a "o2o" business platform, including consumer content line, cable on the flow and technology, and the establishment of offline and online development of consumers according to market data, business development and product line system line. this is a very new concept, is also in line with the trend of the development of the Internet, online and offline with the development of electronic commerce should first have a strong line strength, the actual field distribution across the country have a certain size, at this point, Wanda apparently has such kind of strength. and in terms of the site, the site’s traffic and user data requires a huge amount, so as to provide a stable customer flow of solid consumer. Baidu and Tencent is the leader in the domestic Internet industry, online technology is not a problem for them. In , the three combination may bring huge impact to the current electricity market, but the electricity supplier in the[…]

Look at the United States from the UGC mall cosmetics mall shopping experience

China’s continuous development of the Internet, to promote the leap of the domestic e-commerce, online shopping has become a fashion, but online shopping can give users in addition to good goods is the quality of service. At present, the mainstream of domestic online shopping platform, Taobao, pat, Jingdong store user experience has begun to walk this line, due to the popularity of the Internet, and with online shopping boom, a large number of online shopping platforms have emerged, we are selling the same products, how to rise to stimulate sales amount, increase the user’s the viscosity, its brand influence is one aspect, the son that online shopping should emphasize the user experience. Let the son see the beauty of library network of the domestic online shopping platform to user experience as the center, the long route user oriented.   warm care has been in the early autumn, the cold weather, the climate is dry, the skin began to drain water, in a prominent position in the website space picture reminder user, has entered the cool dry autumn, the skin begins to need special protection. Through subtle warm tips, allowing users to feel the dry autumn there is a trace of moisture, so as to seize the user’s next fall in the purchase of the purchase of cosmetics.   product recommendation For many brands products shopping platform, website recommendation is particularly important, in the absence of the user to choose is the ability to take the initiative to help users to distinguish platform to judge, that[…]

Meal together public comment 7 Insider more segmentation more valuable

day before the meal enterprise ordering platform ( officially announced a strategic cooperation with the depth of public comment, also announced the completion of the C round of 140 million yuan financing. is a good ordering platform, users through web or mobile client orders, waiting for delivery business. In recent years the meal in the media is very low-key, this was born in 2011 so far is still Rong startup failure, survival or death? This time together behind public comment and what concern? In the meal billion state power network and communication, has been to 7 unanswered questions answer.   and other meal ordering platform what is the difference? at present, there are not only ordering Market Internet heavyweights such as Baidu takeaway, Amoy little, but also entrepreneurial companies such as hungry, zero line. Compared with other meal ordering platform, a main feature of target customers for enterprise employees, which is priority to consider what kind of services in the enterprise environment, integrated service platform to build enterprise consumer market. it is understood that the meal was founded in August 2011, early personal ordering business, hit seven yuan lunch". 2012 A round of investment in the United States KPCB millions of dollars after meal orders grew rapidly, and began to turn to the enterprise market. Now, the meal business covers includes staff meals and League building, ordering down to breakfast lunch and dinner, afternoon tea and overtime meal etc.. talking about the reasons to enterprise market, CEO Zhao Xiao meal pointed out that the key[…]

Tencent shares of Jingdong caused change of pattern to shake Ali into a few odds

on the morning of March 10th, Tencent shares Jingdong finally settled. Analysis pointed out that the two sides together, whether to pay for electricity providers, mobile WeChat Tencent, or Jingdong IPO prospects Eve bedding, all add enough chips; and the big market environment, with Tencent, Ali in payment, electricity providers and other areas continue to compete, domestic large grid interconnection board may also be changed. According to the Tencent holdings announcement shows, the Jingdong will acquire the Tencent B2C online shopping platform QQ and C2C platform pat net 100% interest, logistics personnel and assets, and minority interest net of easy fast and easy to buy the remaining stake fast network rights. The Tencent will be $214 million stake in Jingdong, accounting for 15% of the total outstanding shares of Jingdong before the listing. in addition, Tencent will provide WeChat and mobile phone QQ client access to the primary location and other major platforms, while the two sides will cooperate in the online payment services. Tencent, Jingdong seeking win-win for the joint Tencent and Jingdong, Lu Zhenwang, Gong Wenxiang and many other industry insiders are optimistic attitude. on the one hand, the Tencent has been shown to be flat in the electronic business platform business advantage, Jingdong and higher power in electricity market has, by the Tencent and Jingdong jointly can focus more focus on WeChat business; then, for the Jingdong, in the development of the mobile Internet is indeed one of the short board. In a Tencent, a Jingdong after marriage tree, competition in the[…]

Wong Kwong Yu sold or brewing Kuba shopping network executives said not informed

  The United States hopes to reverse the results of electricity supplier integration reuse "legitimate" online shopping mall yesterday, reporters from approaching the United States news department learned that Wong Kwong Yu on business platform especially the "legitimate" business platform Gome online mall high hopes, "clearly the important status of Gome online mall". But in stark contrast with Gome online mall, Gome acquisition business platform – Kuba shopping network may sell the United States, the current implementation of the electricity supplier or the dual brand strategy will be abandoned. Vice President Peng Liang Kubba responded newspaper said, "he does not have any information on this". news recently, the media said the news, Wong Kwong Yu recently received a court commuted 10 months ruling. The lawyer said, 14 years in prison if in accordance with the maximum penalty, Wong Kwong Yu just sat for 7 years, maybe 3 years later, Wong Kwong Yu will be delivered from oppression. But Wong Kwong Yu, in a rapidly changing home appliance market, can not miss any opportunity of integration and development, "the fierce competition in the home appliance market, we will give the opponent the United States has left a lot of opportunities", unnamed industry observers believe. Judging from the recent signs, Huang home this year has significantly increased the intensity of the integration of electronic business platform. had to raise a Babel of criticism of electricity price war, there was news that Wong Kwong Yu inspired directly involved in the United states. In the electricity supplier price war,[…]

Behind and V battle Beauty electricity supplier sitzkrieg

reporter Zhu Ping Beijing reported since the beginning of August 4th, cross-border electricity really fake sparked heated debate on micro-blog, micro-blog is the first major V@@ left hand and CEO Chen Ou open tear, after adding the topic of warming darling. industry analysts pointed out that the reason why Chen Ou so sensitive, because has been "fake" and negative ridden, behind the "slobber war" is beauty electricity supplier various sitzkrieg. fake electricity supplier sensitive nerve tingling since the beginning of August 4th, cross-border electricity really fake sparked heated debate on micro-blog, micro-blog V@@ left hand a few hair an article entitled "stay a few hands to teach you to identify online shopping trap" long micro-blog, the micro-blog, cross-border shopping goods than three, and pointed out that APP is a darling inlet the cosmetics price cheaper than the Jingdong. then, left hand also issued an article entitled "Ou Chen and his XX, in knowing and selling fake this road in the end how far to go" long micro-blog. To this end, CEO Chen ou counterattack. Chen Ou micro-blog Slide Show shelling left a few hands for darling APP write soft wide pull at the Jingdong and the United States. That means poor, darling and administrative micro-blog forwarding a few micro-blog is a "tear forced romance" climax. industry analysts believe that the reason why Chen ou will be a strong counterattack, because the "fake" touched a sensitive nerve of channels and the supply problem of beauty products is still the industry worries. Previously,[…]

What kind of SEM talent is needed

SEM: the search engine marketing, search engine marketing refers to the search engine platform, to adjust the page in the search results page ranking to the site visits as a means for search engine users and expand marketing activities. search engine as the entrance of the Internet, the vast number of enterprises increasingly attention, we all want to intercept more customers at the entrance, so search engine marketing is particularly important. At the same time search engine marketing has been recognized by the majority of enterprises and attention. No matter what kind of industry is the nature of everyone in the network marketing work, hoping to search engine marketing to expand their market share, increase their company benefits. although many companies have this awareness of network marketing, but also ready to carry out search engine marketing, but it is not the right to set up such a department in charge of this work. In this case, many companies choose to outsource marketing, the search engine marketing outsourcing to some professional network marketing company to do. Do have some disadvantages, such as: outsourcing companies cannot very good understanding of the concept of corporate culture, not very good to dig out their products or services, highlights and advantages can not be timely for enterprises to obtain first-hand information, not very good standing in the business point of view to analyze their competitors, and monitoring some jobs may not be in place, so in these factors, I hope that the enterprises should have a network marketing team of[…]

Zhang Yi’s patron explain the network behind the red Amoy factory

Zhang Yi who need a flexible supply chain can meet the demand of the small quick, and conversely, the original OEM OEM (OEM) factories because of their red net is gradually changing. even if the United States such as Zhang Dayi, there is also a strong supply chain.   "net red in front of the factory after……" Alibaba clothing supply chain expert Yuan Wei told reporters that the electricity supplier, the network behind the big red electric companies such as Han has settled in the platform a few months ago, and together with the Amoy plant a few brands hatch. It’s not enough width of the supply chain, the high cost of inventory, access to Amoy factory, such as Han, Alibaba has been on the 1688 platform for its customized supply chain. Zhang Yi who need a flexible supply chain can meet the demand of the small quick, and conversely, the original OEM OEM (OEM) factories because of their red net is gradually changing. The chairman of the board Ma Alibaba on the OEM factory when he said, "between brands and their OEM manufacturers and brands and their existing customer relationship between the old link is shifting and changing." yes, this was long the Milky way is undergoing gravitational changes. Internet to shorten the supply chain link, but also because of carrying consumer power, which had relied on foreign trade way of OEM factory in the survival of "bring back" opportunities. in the just concluded Alibaba 1688 brand day, Amoy factory has become a frequently[…]

Taobao mall price cited network riot electricity supplier who take the initiative

on the evening of October 11, 2011, due to dissatisfaction with Taobao mall unilateral price increase of the new regulations, part of the Taobao mall small sellers launched a large part of the seller to attack the network operations. This is known as the network riots, until the afternoon of October 17th, Ma announced the new deal and other concessions to postpone, began to subside. is well known, in October 10th, Taobao mall announced the opening of new regulations. The new regulations increased the annual fee for technical services and shops default margin. The news came out, it attracted widespread controversy in the industry, in the face of high fees, many small sellers "facing the risk of being swept out of the Taobao mall, in front of the risk, they chose to attack the sellers of the way of responding. we can not deny the positive order, the online shopping mall Taobao built, but the contradictions between Taobao mall and sellers is long-standing — last year that due to a substantial modification of search rules, so that small sellers traffic plummeted, the country more than 300 small sellers to Taobao headquarters in Hangzhou collective protest. At this point, we can not help but think, how to control the initiative of e-commerce sellers ?All the contradictions and disputes of come from the same problem. Many times, in front of the electronic business platform, the seller is in a passive position, it is the case, we have to think about how the seller to control the initiative[…]

How to do a successful operation of the electricity supplier big promotion activities

double last year, 11, after the promotion of a variety of double 12, could not help but to sum up some experience in the electronic business platform to do activities. Every big promotion, users hand chop chop operations are also busy awfully, awfully. You want to do a big promotion activities, this is indeed a complex and trivial things, put the outline to sort it out, there are also available for reference to. After all, it is time to accumulate and summarize the growth of ! I, the overall rhythm planning here need to consider two factors, one is the platform’s promotional schedule, two is the company’s personnel arrangements. Under normal circumstances, such as eleven such large-scale activities should start planning in advance of the beginning of the month, the platform will generally start publicity and business registration in September, two. Different stages corresponding to different work content, so the first time on the general planning, in order to better mobilize all aspects of resources and manpower.   two, to determine the play (sales targets, specific programs) 1, determine sales target. sales = flow * customer price * conversion rate, can be considered from three aspects, for the previous data, the estimated sales. 2, sales target decomposition. here comes the question of gameplay. I have come across two different planning methods, one is the category of multi brand multi SKU, a brand is less SKU, different goods will play a different game. for the brand less SKU this part, the most important thing is creativity.[…]

IT operation and maintenance management of SMEs, who cares about them

With the rapid development of enterprise information, the Information Department of is also in rapid development. But different from the traditional enterprise production, marketing, personnel and other departments, the Department itself has been the introduction of management philosophy, the implementation of management for many years, now is the basis for the promotion of it, and the Information Department of most of the enterprise itself is a relatively new Department, even the management concept, the traditional method. Not introduced, thus it needs to consider how to enhance the management than the traditional department. is in this background, since the beginning of 1980s is still in the Information Department of development and constantly improve the management concept of IT service management (ITSM), and its management method – IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), after entering twenty-first Century, the rapid popularity in the world, has become the management theory system of information department in the world accepted. Since its introduction in 1999, it has been in China for nearly ten years. based on the management idea of information department (ITSM) and management method (ITIL), the information department management tools have been highly valued and widely used. The industry has given it a popular name – "IT-ERP", that is, the IT department’s own ERP system. concept, methods and tools, constitute a complete system of scientific management of enterprise information sector. we are pleased to see that the scientific management system in China has been initially formed. But on the other hand, the domestic after nearly ten years of practice, we have[…]

SEOER, less complaints, more execution

in the summer of 2007, I graduated from a key university in Sichuan, four years of undergraduate university, confused and decadent, I do not know when to start to lose, the road of life a fog. But the clouds will always be in the red wheel, a chance I had the honor to come into contact with SEO, so-called search engine optimization, one of the most basic search engine marketing network marketing. Yes, I have introduced the university professional English here, a computer and no relevant professional, don’t say for SEO optimization concept, without any knowledge of the code I gehangrugeshan, but I always believe that the story of Yu Minhong the eagle and the snail, the male eagle and the snail can reach the top of the Pyramid. However, only a vibration eagle wings, snails need not stop running up from dawn to dusk, but eventually reached Pyramid’s top harvest could see the world. So I keep learning, the shuttle in the A5, and the owners of the home, the SEOWHY forum, ZAC advanced combat password again refer to the understanding of learning, I always think, I made my way, is to climb to the top of the Pyramid, but I am not an eagle, I can only one day at a time SEO the theory, and pay for the action. I get started, learn the basic theory of computer is installed on the dedecms site, in real practice, according to the SEOER advanced theory of execution, but every time I see something about[…]

New Adsense in the network to make money in the day

listen to a lot of people in the network build up the family fortunes on the story, with a vision and confusion, I also went into the army of Wangzhuan team, however, in which many of the bitter taste, but there are also many happy ! ‘s initial attempt is to start from the free blog space on the network, because the beginning of the space, domain names and other related operations do not understand. Choose a point in space for anyp free space, they provide 10 megabytes, two level domain name, ha ha, then apply after, immediately into their own space, feel for the first time when the joy of stationmaster, put something of interest, this space has a blog, and a mini house also, the personal home page, for a beginner, is very rare, but it is also quite easy, the site gradually with the flow, I began to apply for money but a lot of connection, well-known advertising alliance people do not accept the two level domain name application, flow station at the first time to do the big gifts but not to earn money, lose heart and emotional disappointment as cage in the heart, feeling more free space for yourself is not making money. after a period of experience of the site, I chose a well-known high spatial domain name provider, first registered domain name, bought a 5G network for the space station location for major in local specialty information, find the relevant website program source code, after the first independent[…] Guangdong has been born in Guangzhou Kai repurchase

  the famous 2 digit domain name has been successfully purchased by Guangzhou Kai Sheng Information Technology Co., ltd.. Kai Sheng company created  39 Health Network, is one of the well-known website, the current market value of hundreds of millions of   but has been living on the outside, by the end of 06. The Xiamen "Chinese ( finally reverted to all Turnover of 1 million 150 thousand yuan. the transaction has been completed.   .com  and.Net have reverted to master all.

The acquisition of Jingdong shop electricity supplier in the field or on the dispute between Chu and

June 20th news, Jingdong announced the official acquisition of the 1st Shop electronic business platform, the acquisition price of about 10 billion. This is the biggest acquisition of Jingdong this year, the case, in fact, after the Jingdong has received a disc of Tencent. The pat Network has been announced in April this year, the closure of the Tencent can not afford to become a pat A Dou, now Jingdong and the acquisition of the 1st shop. The Jingdong will not repeat it, a shop not pat after all, will make sense only then set man Jingdong. Jingdong ambitions are also expanding, with Ali’s Taobao, Tmall will have a stop, the two sides actively staged a new round of dispute between Chu and han.   pat became a failure case, why Jingdong to do the next disk Compared with Taobao, Tmall Jingdong, is still at a disadvantage, on the strength of Ali more ostentatious. Jingdong and Taobao is currently the two largest mainstream business platform, the Jingdong has been selling authentic products, of course, have been exposed to sell refurbished machines. Nearly 60% of Taobao’s fakes have been widely criticized, but compared to the price of similar goods, Jingdong than Taobao, Tmall to high. In addition, the Jingdong logistics efficiency is relatively high, because the Jingdong have their own logistics facilities, Taobao and Tmall are dependent on Shen Tong, SF and other courier companies. Its efficiency and service quality is not as good as Jingdong. Jingdong and Ali imminent war, both sides will be staged[…]

Ali responded short stirred up 11 really to meet difficult double disturbance

Tmall double 11 Carnival in the world is approaching, a company called "New York post" of the American media mentioned again half a year ago SEC (SEC) for a routine information Alibaba and Alibaba, said a senior staff in providing clues to the investigation SEC. This Alibaba spokesman pointed out that as a global concern of the listed company, candid response from all walks of life question, is our responsibility, we actively cooperate fully with all sorts of questions and queries, we also believe that the day will come. for double 11 during this article up reports, the spokesman said: "we are already accustomed to the annual double 11 period, all kinds of attacks and stirred up. This is not the first time, it will not be the last, more and more absurd and ridiculous, but it will not be in full swing for the impact and interference we double 11, double 11 instead, Tmall also because in the face of adversity temper, to become a truly global consumer carnival." May 25, 2016, Alibaba submitted to the SEC fiscal year 2016 annual report. The annual report disclosure initiative from the SEC routine information inquiry. SEC once reminded, routine inquiry should not by the commission or the Commission staff to explain or implied as a violation of federal law. The paradox is, then the message is known as the "Alibaba accept SEC strict investigation" of the news was spread. Pacific Plaza analysis (Pacific Square Research) and other short institutions continue to express their views, and appeared[…]

V5mall multi-user mall system into e-commerce community popular choice

Miss Zhang net called rabbit girl, is a very "fashion" on the line of fashion white-collar workers, is very concerned, will often buy their own clothes and cosmetics in the world and sisters share online. The 2009 opened the shopping channel, the petty bourgeoisie who is like a duck, who was a product, will be posting asking more people’s opinions, there is praise derogatory, bustling atmosphere. analysis from the external reaction Tianya level, starting B2C platform strategy has early success, which has a huge influence on the popular sentiment and BBS, the flow, in the era of e-commerce coup again and again, is creating another miracle China e-commerce market. In the community users to buy, the most important indicator is the recommendation between people, or a friend’s recommendation, often to promote the purchase of factors. If a good evaluation, a good share, and ultimately the formation of the user’s purchase. We encourage users to express their views, praise, poor flat, not recommended to continue to appear in the platform, after the Internet has played a very positive role." This remark the senior vice president of community of lady Yu Lijuan, reveals not only the Tianya community into e-commerce advantage, but also pointed out the path for the development of the existing popular community. "combination of electronic commerce and the community is becoming a hot phenomenon in the development of the Internet," Shanghai Weibo Network Technology Co., Cheng Xindong also optimistic about the marriage community and electronic commerce, "from a strategic perspective, e-commerce contains a huge[…]